Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Finds - Baby Easter Animals

I'm on a forced home stuff hiatus.  We recently cleaned out in a major way and promised to not add anything to our material possessions.  It's sooooooooo necessary, and yet soooooooooo hard - especially when I see adorable spring animals with which to decorate my dining room table.  I have visions of a grandiose Easter brunch of brisket, mashed parsnips, herbed biscuits and, of course, hard boiled eggs pickled in beet juice.  In case your'e not on a home shopping hiatus, maybe you'll want to incorporate one of these into your seasonal decor?


Clockwise from Top L:
Scarlet Fig - Lambs in Citrus, Fat Quarter
retropops - Modern Turquoise Bunny
teresa tudor - Vintage Honeycomb Easter Eggs
Sassbox Classics - Vintage Lamb Case

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