Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Finds and a Winner

It's Good Friday and the weather here is overcast and grey.  I always find it apropos when Good Friday is rainy and Easter is sunny.  There's something about the weather coinciding with the death and resurrection that seems so tangible.  So this week's collection was inspired by the rain and is infused with joyful colors to reflect the season.
Clockwise from Top L:
Totes via Macy's - Umbrella, Bubble
Apples and Eggs - Umbrella Buttons
Laura Amiss - Happy Tears
Pink Oasis - Umbrella Clutch

And now . . . drum roll please . . . for the winner of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook:
Congrats Nodakademic! Email me at PalindromeAtHome @ yahoo . com with your address and I'll send your new cookbook right quick!  I'm going to be making the brisket recipe for Easter brunch myself :)
Thanks so much for all the entries y'all!  We hit a new record for comments on my blog.  The blogging nerd in me is really tickled about that!  Y'all are the best!


  1. Lovely board - so colorful! And congratulations to Nodakademic!

  2. I love all the rainy inspiration! That umbrella is too cute!

  3. I totally had an umbrella just like that when I was little. I coveted was my reward for when I stopped sucking my thumb. It had a purple handle and I still long for a similar one.