Thursday, April 21, 2011

Close Ups of Spring

I have a looooooong post about landscaping our front yard waiting in the wings, but until I can round up some budget info from my accountant (aka Mr. P), I thought I would share a few closeups of the planting we did this spring:
Dusty miller, dianthus, english ivy and violas are just loving the warm weather and sunshine from their planter!
There's also a spike plant hanging out with them and some leftover pansies from the winter box I did with ornamental kale too.
We decided on this creeping phlox because we wanted a low flowering plant plus it's a perennial!
Our hostas just sprouted.
Last week when I took these pictures, our azaleas just barely showed new green growth.  This week, the bright coral blossoms went to town and have been opening up all over!
Our camellia is more of a tree than a bush and should probably be pruned waaaaaaaaaaaay back after it's done blooming.
I hope our bleeding heart blooms again since all of these delicate lovelies fell off this week.
These cute dianthuses are the only annuals I planted in the beds this year.  We bought a whole flat of multicolored flowers, so I can't wait to see them all grown up in a few more weeks!

How's your spring looking?  Have you dug into your beds/planters/pots yet?

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  1. How pretty! I'll live vicariously through your floral talent - I can't grow flowers for the life of me!