Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Compost Pile

When I was still in high school, I think Martha Stewart was on TV around 11 am and she had a pet corner that my mom let us watch for educational purposes.  I think.  Anyone else have loose memories of that?  The veterinarian had glasses and talked about Martha's chinchillas a lot.

Anychinchilla, Martha and her 90's show introduced me to the idea of composting.  She made composting bins and added lots of night crawlers and shredded paper.  The idea had been planted, but only recently did it sprout for me.  When we moved into our house, I was set on making choices that promoted good stewardship of the earth.  One of the easiest projects was creating a compost pile in the far corner of our yard.

After a quick survey of the yard and asking Mr. Palindrome which corner would be best so as not be in the way when he seeds and mows, I settled on the corner.  To start the pile, we built up a base of leaves and some dirt that we hauled from the front beds.
 to compost?
I have this compost bucket under my sink:
To tell you the truth, the hardest thing about composting is overcoming the laziness of not wanting to trek the bucket out to the pile for dumping.

Are you composting?  If not, have you considered a bin or pile?  I'm happy to field any questions about it!


  1. In San Francisco, we are required to compost. We have a bin just for compost (like recycling), but they compost for us. It's great. The amount we put in the trash is so much less!!

  2. No composting from my NYC apartment, although we have compost sellers at our farmer's market!

  3. I've been contemplating composting. even though we have a small NYC apartment we do have a nice sized balcony, so I may start a mini one. Apparently there is something called Urban Composting. Also NYC is starting a compost collection at farmer's markets around the city this spring, so I may start.

  4. i should write a post on lazy composting. I told my aunt my soil was bad but i was having a hard time composting because E wanted it contained for the smell and look.
    So instead of buying something, I started digging small furrows in the garden, dumping the waste, and then covering it up with dirt. I dump through out the week (when i feel like it) and then on Saturday cover it up and dig a new compost trench. My soil is so much better, and it feels like less work!

  5. I saw that Martha Stewart! I actually printed her pdf directions for making a vermicomposting bin after the show aired and have been saving them ever since. About a month ago I bought the supplies, ordered some worms and got started. So far so good.

    Growing up we had horses and the manure pile was our compost pile- my least favorite chore was taking the rotting vegetables over to the pile. It's a little easier now with the pail (we have the one you mention) but it's still a chore.

  6. @Sugar - that would be awesome, just putting it in the bin to be picked up!

    @BigApple - See, you need the San Fran plan! It's def. hard when you have no where to put a bin out doors.

    @Teri - John (in my side bar) has great recs for urban composting!

    @Latte - I'd love to read more about your method!

    @Cecilia - Yes, I kindof see it as a chore as well. I know it's a good thing to do, but it's hard to stay motivated!