Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beige Room Makeover

The front guest room.  Mr. Palindrome's Room. The Beige Room.  It took a while to name this guest room, but we eventually settled on the Beige Room.  Anyone else name their rooms?

The Beige Room makeover was one of the first started and the first that was fully completed.  We started it first because it's where Mr. Palindrome lived before I moved down and we both lived there after the wedding until our master was renovated.  Here's what we started with:

And here's we ended up with:
 Calling it beige makes it seem boring, but the concept we stuck with for this room and the guest room was "Masculine with Feminine Touches."  Mr. Palindrome had bought the furniture when he joined the Navy, along with the navy and beige bedding.  I already owned an aqua bedspread, so I added that and the color scheme was born.  To balance the submarine theme going on, I threw some satin pillows on the bed and some great silky looking curtains.  I would imagine that a single floral pillow on the bed might add just the right amount of feminine, but we called it done after the first 4 throw pillows.
This was a budget room for sure.  We used the furniture, bedding and artwork that we already owned.  I bought the beige paint from Craigslist.  The shams, throw pillows, curtains, and rods were all on clearance.  Outside of the trim paint and carpet, which were all inclusive costs for the upstairs, here's the breakdown:

Budget Details
Paint via Craiglist - $10
Pillow Shams via HomeGoods - $6
Aqua Pillows via TJMaxx (YHL has the same ones in green on their couch!) - $24
Curtain Rods - $34
Curtains - $20
Furniture (Previously owned) - $0
Submarine art (Previously owned (paid for by 5 years of blood sweat and tears in the USN!) - $0
Bedding (Previously owned, but combined from my stash and Mr. P's)
Total: $94

94 smackarooneys!  This room is one of my favorite examples of how the principle of "Work with What You've Got" can be to your advantage.  Especially when you're combining households, you have the opportunity to shop the other person's stuff.  The simple addition of my aqua bedspread inspired the rest of the room.

Have you been inspired by combining a household?

Editor's note: Shane and Dawn are so right!  They obviously know the room better than me.  I've updated the before photos with the correct room now.  I should change the room name in honor of them and their blog catch :)


  1. I love this room and now call it "The Shane and Dawn room" but I'm questioning the first picture. Looks like that's of the other guest room to me, I don't think the door opens that way in our room...

  2. The color change really makes the room warmer and more inviting. I like the country theme, too. :)

  3. It looks great! I love doing makeovers with stuff we already have around the house - great job!!

  4. Thanks @Anonymous/Shane/Dawn! All fixed now.

    @Terri - So funny! I used my cowboy boot pic to show off the sub art and didn't explain that in the post! We don't regularly stage the boots there, but I could totally see the plaid curtains and boots transforming the room! Now my design senses are tingling for a country twist!

  5. I really like the warm beige color on the walls!