Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So much love, such a little blog

I cheesed on Mr. Palindrome yesterday (who asked me if 135 hits on his first day was any good - any good? that was my best day all year! sheesh, people really like to read about bad customer service) before he'd even given me a Valentine's gift.  Sorry for the overload, but his sweet bestowal is totally worth two cheese posts in a row.

I usually buy myself flowers.  Mr. Palindrome is super practical and he thinks flowers just die.  He likes to give gifts that keep on giving (like dance lessons).  I love, love, love fresh flowers and think life is just easier to bear while taking in their fragrance and blooms.  So I usually throw some grocery store flowers into my cart and as long as I also throw in some treat for him we're even.

This Valentine's we invited some friends over for a mondo cheese and chocolate fondue dinner party and I bought these beauties:
Trader Joe's had an awesome deal on the dozen and they're seriously fragrant, like I can smell them from my couch.  Mr. P acted all funny about them and said that he was supposed to buy me flowers to which I retorted, "Why start now?" or maybe I said, "Eat another Organic Rice Krispie Treat and shute your pie hole."  It definitely got me thinking that just maybe he was planning on getting me flowers.

I came home from work yesterday and immediately saw these waiting for me:
"The color of love," he said.  So I smooched him.  Then I went into the kitchen to get a bagel and I saw these:
Yay! The attached card was uber cute, but uber personal so no peekies at it, but it did include a spa certificate.  Yeeeeeah Pedi!  I was all beside myself with my little garden downstairs, so I went upstairs to change into gym clothes where I was greeted by this on my dresser:
Holy petals of love and overwhelming flower infatuation!  Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, I went into the bathroom and found these:
I think if this MBA thing doesn't work out, he has a calling in flower arrangements to answer.

I feel like I'm living in the Secret Garden.  Are you ga-ga for flowers like me?


  1. That is awesome!!! Way to go, Jason! See, he was just saving up his flower giving for a grand event!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of flowers - how incredibly sweet! They're all so pretty.

  3. Awesome! GO Mr. Palindrome! He is quite talented. I don't get flowers regularly, but I do get other things (mainly food which does not lat long around me).

  4. Aww! Way to go Mr. Palindrome! Very sweet :)

  5. So many flowers! Love! Mike generally keeps the living room flower vase full and I take care of the vases in the bathroom and bedroom! Compromise ;)

  6. That is ridiculously and intensely sweet - like something out of a movie!