Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sammie Supervisor

It was all down hill after the tuna fish sandwiches.  I gave our cutie pie a taste of people food after 15 years of American Science and Fancy Feast.  She went from completely uninterested in us to a beggar in .5 nanoseconds.  Even if it's when what we're doing has nothing to do with food.  Inexplicably, she also follows Mr. Palindrome around during tool time.
When we bought the ol' homestead, never in all of our greedy little house flipping dreams did we think of costs such as door knob replacement.  Our house is brassy, and not in a Glenn Miller awesome way.  When we saw it for the first time, we thought: "Coolio, a little paint, floor, new fixtures - Bam! We're in the money!"
Are you quite done laughing at us now (said in my best Mary Poppins voice)?  So right, hardware costs mucho dinero.  Since our current knobs are slathered in 3 or 4 bad paint jobs AND rusting, we needed to freshen up a bit.  If you ever want to have a heart attack, eat a Bacon Cheeseburger then look at door knob prices.  These are the beauts I wanted:
They were the cheapest bronze knobs Home Depot carried at $7.99 a pop.  Multiply that by 1 million doorknobs and it would cost us like $7.9M for doorknobs.  Sigh.  Ok, so I moved on to silver knobs like this:
Turns out the satin chrome were $10.97 a piece.  This made us start to think about just spray painting the knobs we had, but honestly, we're pretty bad at the whole panting things and making them look like we spent $1M on it.  It usually looks like we went to the carnival and bought the worst looking painted crap we could find.  

When we thought all was lost, Mr. P spotted a lot of used brass knobs on Craigslist which he snagged for $20.  While it wasn't our ideal color, it was a good, cheap way that we could replace all of the damaged knobs.  

"A little to the left.  A little to the right.  Screw it tighter! Put some elbow grease into it!"

"All done," Mr. Palindrome proudly announced.  "Give it a whirl."  So I grabbed hold and twisted the knob (brain. overwhelmed. with. Michael. Scott. jokes.).  It didn't open.  Mr. Palindrome attacked it with the screwdriver again and in a jiffy, we were the proud new owners of twice loved door knobs, all the while singing "Shiny, happy doorknobs . . . "

Have you replaced any knobs in your house?  Did you score a deal?


  1. We have all those bright gold-plated knobs that are common in apartments, and they don't match anything in the style of our home. I intended to replace all of them with those dark brushed ones you linked above (the $7.99 version), and I would need 11 of them. But what really sucked? Apparently the knobs that we currently have are somehow SMALLER than any of the standard knobs I could buy at Lowes. I bought just ONE for our bathroom and ended up having to dremel the heck out of the knob hole in order to install it. Took hours. Not cool. So I haven't bought anymore because I totally am not feeling the size-difference thing. Ugh.

  2. Mr. recently replaced a doorknob and felt very proud of himself. This is the extent or major home improvement in our home. :)

  3. I never thought I'd say anything like this in my life, but that is a really beautiful bronze doorknob. Being grown-up has such strange tastes and priorities sometimes.

  4. I love your new doorknobs- sometimes it's the little details that make a big difference. Our home is older and we have glass knobs on several of the doors & we replaced some of the knobs with less character with fun ones from Anthro.