Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dealing with Rejection

I received this email a little while ago.  It's a rejection email for a job to which I couldn't remember applying.
Here's a closeup of the screen capture.  At some point, I applied to be a Press Aide.  As I sat there racking my brains, I figured I must have applied for this job when I was moving away from Baltimore.  In 2007.  Let's look at the date the email was sent to me:
2010.  Right . . . so 3 years later, they felt it was necessary to let me know of the rejection.  Funny, I think I had already figured it out.

I was simultaneously angry at the waste of my precious tax dollars (which probably paid for some automatic rejection software that malfunctioned and rejected anyone who had applied over the past 3 years) and beside myself with the pure comedy of it.  I had a good laugh and moved on.

Then this week, I was cleaning through my inbox and ran across this bit of hilarity again.  Except this time I wondered if I could track the date.  I clicked the Avue Digital Services link, guessed at a password and opened my account.  There it was.  The cold hard facts were that I had applied to this job . . . wait for it . . .
Two. Thousand. And. Five.  2005.  January of 2005.  You don't have to be good at math to figure out that's 6 years ago.

I couldn't quite think of a good description for the situation, but then "outrageous" popped into mind.  What word do you think describes it?


  1. I would be absolutely infuriated too! It's bad enough that it's difficult to hear back from job's today... but what in the heck is their excuse? Except that these positions were somehow closed for hiring all of that time?
    So strange...

  2. I thought it was bad when I got rejection notices 2 years after applying for job- this is certainly outrageous.

  3. I can only pray that this is auto-generated after a certain number of years. You know, like you apply for a job and they keep you on file for such-and-such amount of time. Only... I never heard of it coming with a rejection notice. -Kate G

  4. Woooow. That's almost.. offensive. I would call a year out a bit of a stretch, even - and 6? Insanity.

    Glad you weren't waiting around for that letter to come ;) Hehe.

  5. Baffling. Why even bother to write you at that point? Yikes.

  6. ... Wow. You should tell them! I wonder what the excuse could possibly be?!

  7. That...is...insane!!!!

    I ran into something similar with a previous company I worked for. I applied to a position online, but I ended up knowing someone who was able to get my resume to HR to expedite the process. I got the job and I worked there for 8 months before taking a new position. Well, apparently when my resume was just passed along internally to HR, they never actually went into the system to process my online application. So, about 10 months after I LEFT the job, I got a phone call. They had processed my application and they wanted to bring me in for an interview! FOR THE JOB I ALREADY HAD AND HAD LEFT! What the WHAT?!?! I was honestly shocked beyond belief that this happened. I mean, really????