Monday, January 3, 2011

Why The Sing-Off is the Best Talent Show on TV

1. You skip the 6 weeks of boring and awful try outs.
2. The judges are all respectable and always give fair feedback.
3. The groups are diversified and the music stays varied, so that not everyone is singing the same artist.
4. The groups are all quite good - no cringing during pitchy after pitchy performance of people who really shouldn't be there.
5. No dealing with crazy American voters for the first several shows.
6. They spread the vote-offs into two segments of each show - thus each show is full of performances and you don't have to waste a second night waiting through the boring fillers to get to the vote offs.
7. It's 5 episodes of very well done programming, instead of 26 episodes of crap.
8. As much as I wouldn't like to sing the praises of Nick Lachey, he beats Seacrest any day.

I wrote my reason above before watching the final episode and sadly, it proved me to be wrong.  Gah!  Why have all those guests who only make everyone sound bad?  I don't think it was any of the group's best performances - it was just gratuitous network promotions.  Though I ultimately agreed with the winners (my favorite group from the first episode!).

Did you catch up on any TV over the holiday break?  Did you watch The Sing-Off?


  1. I'm 100% with you on this review. What was going on with the finale? Let's have the groups sing back up, go visit random charities, do everything other than perform. Grr.

  2. I agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD!

  3. I loved the sing-off! I missed the final episode (but I know who won) but that sounds annoying!

  4. Totally with you. LOVED the show, thought the finale was lame. I'd definitely watch it again though!

  5. I can't believe you don't love Nick Lachey. I LOVE HIM. As well as the sing-off.