Wednesday, January 26, 2011

While the Husband is Away the Wife will Play

In the not so distant past, I had been known to eat popcorn for dinner.  When I was cooking for one, I often ate said popcorn in bed with my blog reader or Netflix queue.   Cooking for two has it's advantages (like better rounded meals), but when Mr. Palindrome was out of town last week, I delighted in reverting back to my singledom days.
As soon as I got home, I'd put on pajamas and my glasses.  I'd start the oil in the pan and wait for those toasty kernels of buttery goodness to pop, pop, POP, pop.
I'd pour myself a glass of wine.  A bottle of blush had been languishing in our fridge, always snubbed by the red loving taste buds of Mr. Palindrome.  I gave it new life, paired with airy handfuls of  popped corn.
I would then turn to my stack of night stand reading, ranging from the spiritual to the social (networking that is).  And I would plop in my night guard early so that I wouldn't forget.
Funny story about my night guard . . . When I picked it up from the dentist's office, they had me try it on.  It fit like a glove, just like the mold they took of my mouth.  When I got home, I dropped the case and as I bent to pick it up, I saw the label on the back.  "Julianna Robinstein."  My name has been butchered on the regular, but I don't think I've ever seen it so drastically changed.  Suffice it to say that neither name is correct and one is drastically different.
Another favorite meal I reprised was the cheese, crackers and wine meal.  This time in front of the TV.  This dinner is the one where you get to eat all of the appetizers you want, then you don't have to force yourself to eat more when the entrée comes out, because the entrée never comes out.
I made this meal a little bit healthier with the addition of a nice, blue devilish cup of water.
Oh, and the crackers were the Special K kind, so that's pretty much like eating cereal with an herb twist.
With Mr. Palindrome gone for several nights, I repeated these dinners another time each, by the end feeling a touch on the sick side and lot on the lonely side.  A part of me will always love a good popcorn dinner in bed, but the new part of me that makes its home with my husband will always love his handsome bum in my bed.  Welcome home, Mr. Palindrome.

What's your favorite meal for one?  


  1. Mmm... Stovetop popcorn is the best! For whatever reason, my go-to meal for one is scrambled eggs with a side of toast. Breakfast for dinner is one of my indulgences! :o)

  2. I think that's the sweetest sentiment, and so true. It's nice to have the little bits of time to yourself, but it's even nicer to be back together!

  3. I love your last paragraph, so sweet :)

  4. I used to eat a bag of cheese puffs when Tom went out of town. Once I had kids that noticed, I had to stop. I miss them. The cheese puffs, I mean.

  5. @marissa - eggs and toast was another go to for as well! It doesn't take but a few minutes and it's pretty nutritional over all!

  6. Oh thank goodness I'm not alone with these habits!!! I ALWAYS make popcorn for a meal when I'm alone...its such a habit for me. And with wine or a cocktail and a Netflix movie...totally awesome. Nowadays, I sometimes substitute a bag of edamame for popcorn, since I figure it at least has a little more nutritional value...but yeah...popcorn and I love each other big time.