Thursday, January 20, 2011

From the Pantry to the Fridge!

Since Ashley over at the (never home)maker spilled about her fridge AND since I'm on a roll with over sharing about our food, I thought I might as well join the fridge sharing party.
 My mom doesn't put things her fridge.  I've had roommates who don't put things on their fridges.  I'm obviously a different breed.  I've got souvenir magnets, save-the-dates, Christmas card photos, notepads, timers and fuzzy bees on clothespins.
 On the door, we have condiments coming out the wazoo.  Whipped cream for hot cocoa.  Parmesan for pizza.  No less than 5 kinds of mustard for everything from bratwurst to glazes.  Pickles, relish, olives, jam, preserves, jelly - We're prepared for any preggo friends who might have a craving attack in our home.
 Soy milk is left over from Mr. Palindrome's parents' visit.  The gallon of cider from concentrate is left over from our Christmas party.  The tipped over can of cat food is going to be Sammie's breakfast tomorrow.  I think I have some chicken in there thawing that I ended up using tonight.  Mr. Palindrome converted me to skim milk. Then there's my favorite - Ranch.  Come to momma, creamy goodness!
 This is where it gets embarrassing.  I was embarrassed a lot later in my pantry post, but our fridge is a smaller space so the embarrassing bits pop up sooner.  We've got eggs and a Pyrex of TJ's frozen pastry appetizers left over from a potluck.  The rest of the Tupperware houses leftovers from before our cruise and *gasp* even before Christmas.  Yikes.  There's also beer and regular soda that got left by my regular-soda-drinking family.  The drawer has some blue cheese crumbles that I meant to use in red cabbage walnut empanadas (doesn't that sound divine?).  There's also some tortillas and a few bags of shredded cheese.  One of my go to weeknight meals is quesadillas.  Sometimes I have soup or salad on the side.
I usually have more produce, but haven't been grocery shopping this week yet, so we're scraping the bottom of the barrel with a bag of radishes and rutabagas from our CSA.  I think there's also a single serving size of hummus in there for no good reason.

The fridge and the pantry are problem areas of mine on which I can easily close the door and forget.  Looking at the pictures I can really see how much we have that has gone bad or don't use regularly.  In my pantry it was the mound of plastic bags.  In my fridge it's the door full of condiments and the (likely spoiled) leftovers.  I generally try to plan for about 3-4 meals a week but got out of thw swing over the holidays.  These pictures prove me to me that this weekend I need to set aside time to clean out and restock.

Is your fridge feeling a little neglected like mine?  Or are you blissed out in veggies and wholesome meals?


  1. I made those fuzzy clothespin magnets for you last V-day! Glad to see you're still enjoying them : )

  2. Yay! Thanks @hernewleaf! I love those fuzzy little guys. I'm really excited about this year's swap too :)

  3. My fridge is definitely in sorrier shape than yours! What really bums me out though is that the outside isn't magnetic!! What kind of fridge is that??

  4. @BigAppleNosh Wait, what kind of fridge do you have that's not magnetic???? I've only ever had magnetic fridges. Is your fridge front plastic?

  5. I found you through another blog and I love this post! It's so fun to get a peek inside someone else's fridge.

    I love that you have all the decorations on your fridge. I do that too - I have tons of save the dates, magnets, that magnetic poetry, postcards, newspaper clippings, and recipe cutouts on there. Glad I'm not the only one.

  6. @lifeofadoctorswife Thanks for visiting! I love the inside scoop on my favorite bloggers so I figured I should give as well as receive! :)