Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year/Anniversary!

Getting married on a holiday weekend is pretty fun.  It makes anniversaries easy to remember and celebrate as well.  That is, they're easy until you realized that you just depleted all your gift ideas at Christmas and have to rack your brains to figure out an anniversary gift too.

We celebrated a little early by going to Revolution for a special 3 course prix fixe menu.  If you're in the triangle and celebrating something special, Revolution should be at the top of your list to try.  The lamb shank I ordered was the size of my head.  The waiters started calling me Pebbles.  Awesome!

From the Palindrome home to yours, Happy New Year!  And to my Mr. Palindrome, happy anniversary!
(I was really proud of my outfit as seen by my sassy hand on hip pose - Velvet Jacket from Antrhopologie; Black Cami from NY and Co.; Skinny Jeans from Gap; Diamonds gifted to me by Mr. Palindrome over the years.  Also, Mr. Palindrome dressed after me and put together his outfit all by himself.  I did not plan to match!)


  1. Awwww ya'll look fabulous and so happy! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary/new year celebration!! :)

  2. Happy anniversary and happy new year! :)

  3. You two are adorable! Sheesh! Time sure does fly, Happy Anniversary! May your second year of marriage be full of many blessings :-)

  4. love the blazer. Happy Anniversary Palindromes!