Monday, January 31, 2011

Half Bath Renovation (Bath #2!)

Oh friends.  Looking at the before pictures, my olfactory senses are bombarded by the most offensive urine smell I've smelled in the first world.  As you can see, someone was being "potty trained." and as you can see near the base of the toilet, someone wan't quite getting the hang of it.
The day we got the keys, we bought bleach, a scrub brush, and gloves.
Over the summer, Mr. Palindrome started to attack this bathroom.  He primed the wallpaper with oil based primer since the builders had glued the wallpaper straight to the dry wall.  He sanded.  He patched.  He sanded.  Then his mom had a stroke.  Everything was put on hold.

Months later, when she was back in Colorado and we tried to settle into a schedule, Mr. Palindrome turned again to the bathroom.  In 4 days, we finished the rest.
We installed an out of the box granite vanity topper (Home Depot matched Lowe's price, which is great because we were trying to consolidate errands on one end of town) that came with an undermount sink.  Taking our queues from these two inspiration palettes from our kitchen, we tried several different samples, including the green from our kitchen.
Mr. Palindrome is, how shall we say, particular about his commode.  I believe the exact words he used to describe the mood he wanted was "dark and serene."  We went the third beige from the left.  Lots of people don't like warm beiges because they can come across as pinkish.  However, we decided to keep the oak vanity and trim, so we wanted to pick up on the reddish tones of the wood.

My contributions to the room were the styling, running to Lowe's for random things as needed, cleaning the cupboards/trim with Murphy's Wood Oil Soap, and ordering the hardware online.  Part of our rush was that we were having a party where we invited everyone we knew in the Triangle.  Nothing like having 60 people over to light a fire under our renovating bums!  Mr. Palindrome was a work horse and did most of the work in the bathroom while I frantically swiffered and sprayed Febreze all over our house.
Ahhhh, the Afters.  I couldn't quite cram this tight space into my photo frame (a wide angle would really come in handy), but you can definitely get the gist of the transformation.  We went with the oil rubbed bronze fixtures which really transformed the vanity.

I picked up on the green hues in our inspiration palette by placing some candles on green milk glass saucers from my collection.
And that new commode?  It's a potty trained person's dream.  Clean.

We didn't spend much for this transformation as the paint alone transformed the room (well, that and the bleach), but here's the breakdown:

Toilet -  $3.00+ (after a $100 rebate from the City of Durham for purchasing a water efficient model and selling our old one for $15 on Craigslist)
Granite Vanity Top - $170
Faucet - $88
Paint - $73 ($8 on samples, $25 on gallon, $25 on primer, $15 on misc. drywall supplies)
Toilet Paper Holder - $25
Towel Holder - $16
Mirror - Free, reused
Lighting - Free, gift from parents
Cabinet hardware - $13
Print - Free
Candles - Free, gift
Milk glass saucers - Free, already owned
Total - $309

Not too shabby.  

Are you cringing that we didn't paint the cabinet? Does our elongated toilet tickle your fancy (not a euphemism . . . ha!)?


  1. I love it! And I like that you did not paint the cabinet. Everyone wants to paint everything these days. What's wrong with wood, tastefully done? This looks very 'serene,' as you put it. Great job!

  2. That looks awesome- I love the fixtures, they look great with the coloring in the room. Did the previous owners really leave the potty training seat there?

  3. @Cecilia, actually these pics were from our walk through, so they took the seat, but left a sticky, gooey self-adhesive ring on the toilet. Ewww.

  4. @Nodakademic - our wood was in pretty good shape throughout the house. I agree, that wood is beautiful, done tastefully. You'll be happy to know that we kept it in the kitchen as well! More details forthcoming!

  5. I think your vanity looks amazing just with the new top and handles! Wow! It makes a huge difference. You lucked out with that rebate on your toilet too, we have well water so no such luck getting one here. :/

  6. Ooh, what is the name of the paint color you ended up choosing? We're painting our house and were looking at the exact same shades it seems!

  7. wow, even with the limited view, you can tell it looks amazing! you two are home improvement machines!