Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Finds - Red Ribbon Valentine

In case you actually wanted to be prepared for Valentine's and not scrambling the day before like I tend to do, I'm publishing my Valentine Friday Finds in time for items to be shipped.  I'll reward myself with a cookie later.

First, the red.  The passion.  The intensity.  The "pow" to your senses.  Then there's the moody grey.  There's no room for funny Valentines here, just dark and twisty ones.  This collection actually makes me thinks of Grey's Anatomy beyond the dark and twisty.  There's the red pumping heart.  Life and love in all of it's complexities.

Clockwise from L:
lyralyra - Felted Red Necklace
KaroArt - 14 Love Hearts Ceramic Tile
Allen Company Inc - 1960's Vintage Carnelian Red Fur Cuff Coat
me make - mini pillow

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