Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Manicure in Durham

I've tried salons.  I've tried spas.  I've tried strip shopping centers.  Again and again, I've gotten manicures that chip and fade the next day.  Or worse, my cuticles have been left bleeding by overzealous nail technicians.  Ouchie-wow-wowa.

In my hunt for a technician I could trust with my digits, I came across a Groupon for Orlando's Nail Spa.  At $35 for a regularly priced mani/pedi at $75, I jumped at the deal.
Orlando touted his products as top of line and claimed that his manicures lasted up to two weeks.  I told him that I was going to put him to the test as I was leaving for cruise in the next few days.  I was a little skeptical that the vegan nail polish could hold up to my normal wear and tear in addition to salt water and pool water.
Well, it was a regular anniversary cruise miracle because these pictures were taken on the cruise ... 5 days after the mani/pedi.  I chose the Home Body color in SpaRitual's Earthy Lownotes collection.  It's just enough color to show off how well groomed my nails are, but not enough color to shock at the office.

Mr. Palindrome came out of the shower one morning to find me, feet up in the air, scooching here and there to find the right light and back drop to photograph my tootsies.  He's stopped asking what I'm doing when he sees me like this.  Instead he goes straight to the heart of the matter, "Are you planning on blogging about your feet?"  Yes, dear.
Now I know that the regular price is a smidge steep, but honey, did you see the chipless, vegan mani up there?!  It stayed that way for 10 days until my hardest hitting typing digits finally broke the code.  The splurge is really worth it for a special event.  Say a wedding.  Or anniversary.  Or your highest hit count on your blog (101! Thanks Katie!).  Orlando will play you an awesome Pandora station on his i-pad, chat about the vegan properties of his products, and analyze the latest Glee episode with you.  It's an hour of pure magic.  Go treat yourself.


  1. Pretty color! Mike says the same thing: "Are you going to blog about this?" LOL, well, of course I am! ;)

  2. I was taking pictures of my new shoes the other day and the hubs didn't question me. They're catching on. ;)

    Your nails really held up! I love the color too.

  3. Oooh such a pretty color!

    I like to treat myself with a pedicure every once in a just feels good!

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