Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anthropologie Stores Overwhelm Me

When I come up with my game plan for attacking Super Target, I think linearly through each aisle and department.  When I go to Home Goods, I wind up and down each aisle, skipping sections as I need to.  I stopped shopping in stores for clothes a while ago, but before, I would explore each cubby from the front to the back of the store, ending with the sale racks.
Our Anthropologie at the Southpoint Mall is a huge open space with an entire sale room in the back.  Immediately  upon entering the store, I'm paralyzed.  I don't know which direction to head.  There are several feet of open space until you actually hit merchandise, so I can't even hide my missteps by looking at the first thing I can touch.  I can kindof go counter clockwise in a big loop, but I always feel like I'm missing items.
The clothes are all over with fancy and casual mixed across the store.  The displays are amazing, but sometimes I see a piece of pottery that I like, only to find that they're all on the other side of the store.  And that really throws me.  I start to feel panicky and frustrated and often end up walking out with nothing.

Shopping the website allows me to easily scroll through, section by section making sure I don't miss anything.
Do you prefer the store or shopping online?  Is your preference different for different stores?


  1. I've never been in Anthropologie, there's not one near me. I feel like I'm missing out!! Haha!

    If the store is one I frequent, online is easier. I know the sizes and it's just a matter of clicking "add to cart" - three wonderful words. ;)

  2. I definitely prefer shopping online, although the sizing always trips me up!

  3. If you think they are overwhelming, if you ever come to NYC, I'll take you to a place called ABC Carpet. It's just AMAZING!!! You can just browse for hours.

    I'm bad when it comes to shopping in person. I get overwhelmed easily esp if it's crowded. I'll browse and browse but never buy anything. eventually I'll order it on amazon or overstock. Free shipping!

  4. For anthropologie I always look online first- it helps if I know what's in the store (and read some reviews).

    For most other stuff I'm an online shopper. I've tried to force myself to get into the real stores more often but I'm lazy (and have amazon prime)