Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going Home for Christmas

"I'll be Home for Christmas" hits me hard every year.  When Mr. Palindrome was in the military, I would get weepy hearing it.  Not like, sniff, sniff, tear, tear, NO!  Weepy I tell you, weepy.  It's still bad, but I'm a glutton for punishment and sometimes search the song out so that I can let out a long sigh and concentrate any sad feelings into the song.  

Thankfully, this year being home wasn't just in my dreams.  We spent the long weekend at my parents' house outside of DC.  It was quiet.  Calm.  Full of family, food, and gifts.  

A few years ago, they made the switch to the fakey tree.  In retaliation, I bought my own real tree this year and vacuum my own pine needles off the floor.  The joke may be on me.
With 6 of us exchanging gifts in person and a few proxies, the gifts spilled from beneath the tree and across the room.  Santa had been very good to us.

I began to look for my favorite ornaments.
My first Christmas as a chubby 9 month old is immortalized with photographic evidence.
My brother was spared the trauma of having his chub brought up during the holidays, so he feels free to gobble up Christmas cookies with abandon.
This little sweetheart was a gift to my parents for their first Christmas together.  We have to put her in a prominent, eye-level spot so we don't lose her.  She's made it through unscathed for over 30 years now.
And yes, we're those kind of people who have ornaments for their pets.  
My mom does a beautiful job of decorating with little vignettes everywhere.
Before there was Sandra Lee, there was my mom and her very own tablescapes.
The Christmas china is the icing on the food buffet.  So comforting.  Until you have to hand wash 18+ pieces later that night.
I gifted these sweet reindeer place card holders  to my mom last year and she was so happy to add them to the table this year.
In the front bay window, she strung various gold ornaments from the ceiling.

About half way through our visit, I noticed a sub-theme to her decorating.  Sub-theme might be an understatement.  Short of red, white and blue ornaments, this theme was pretty clear!

Did you head back to your hometown for Christmas?  What are some decorations that make you reminisce about pleasant holiday memories?

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