Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Finds - Java Joe

I've been dragging lately.  Late night fun on the weekends combined with Mr. Palindrome studying for finals has left my very prompt internal clock at odds with me.  On top of it, when I had a severe head cold the other week, I just couldn't stomach coffee with cream, so I pulled a switcheroo and starting drinking tea.  Now that I'm not actively trying to flush mucous, I'm relishing my Flavia Cappuccinos again.  Sometimes my coffee is the best part of the day.  If you know the feeling, I think you'll appreciate this week's collection!

Clockwise from L:
Geezees - Coffee Lover Typography Canvas
Willa Skye - Pair of 2 Lattice Work Designer Pillows
Air Zinn - Java Magnet Beans
Ruggy Design - Mr. Dudley Coffee Grinder

1 comment:

  1. A tall cup of java is just what I needed today. Just have to make it through this day and it's the weekend. YES! :)