Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Finds - Colorful Stocking Stuffers

We have stockings hanging from our mantel just begging to be stuffed.  When I mentioned to Mr. Palindrome that I had bought a few things to stuff into his, he got all panicky, "Whhaaaaaaaat? I have to buy you more presents?"  Cross "gifts" off his love language possibility list.  Cross off "words of affirmation" and "touch" while you're at it.  Come to think of it "acts of service" and "quality time" too.  It's a big grinch fest over here with hearts of stone, no stocking stuffers, and grumpy family photos.  So for a little Christmas cheer (and in hopes that his heart grows three times in size), I've put together a fun collection of colorful stocking stuffers that are all priced under $10.  Now that's some TGIF and Merry Christmas all stuffed into one stocking!

Clockwise from Top L:
sunbasilgarden soaps - Rainbow Soap Sticks
nancym4 - Snoopy Badge Holder
Silly Dog Magnets Gift Shop - Italian Greyhound Magnet Set
Studio ALX - Colorful Camera Wristlet


  1. LMAO at your "love language" reference... haha! (I have a Grinch husband, myself.) Love the stocking stuffers, though, particularly the greyhound magnets. :-)

  2. Such bright fun colors! I think those badge holders are pretty darn cute!