Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Christmas Pictures

Back when we played pixelated video games, hairsprayed our bangs and posed for family photos, our holiday memories were captured on film.  We called my mom "The Gestapo" growing up because of her type A tendencies which drove us to pose endlessly, roll after roll so we would ensure that we got at least one viable option for sending with Christmas cards.  Until I was of an age of resistance, she dressed me like her.  Then one year in the 90's we all dressed in denim - button up shirts AND jeans.  Our cute, then awkward phases are all immortalized in front of our fireplace.  Even when my parents moved from my childhood home, we just used the new house's fireplace as our backdrop again.  Some relatives didn't even realize we had moved.

Mr. Palindrome was less than enthused by my inner gestapo forcing him to wear an ugly sweater and pose by our fireplace for our first Christmas pictures.  In fact, he wanted to know why we have to send Christmas cards at all.  Well, because I worked hard on that post and I'm gonna get my 50 free cards, goshdarnit.

So I force marched Grumpy to Duke so that we could grit our teeth in mock smiles and immortalize our little family.  Our friend and blossoming professional photographer, Melanie, managed to catch Grumpy with his eyes open and a smile - no small feat.  She obviously took more than we needed for just our Christmas card, but I'm really glad to have a few stock photos of us for the good ole blog and to update some picture frames around the house.  Here are a few of my favorites:
 The leaves had all but fallen off the trees, but we managed to find this tree covered with the last few remnants of fall.
This photograph commemorates our favorite dueling activity.  Whose blackberry can download fastest? Who can message faster?  Who has directions?  That's what happens when a consultant marries an MBA student.
We were going to wear our Duke gear and go all "We're National Champions fool!" on you in this picture and the next, but we forgot our change of clothes.  Go us.
 I love the stonework and arches all over the Duke Campus.  It's the most Oxford like place that I've been to in the US.  Just lovely.
While no one quite loves football like they love basketball down here, Wallace Wade stadium is really nice and lent itself well to this sweeping view.

Melanie is local Durham photographer and just starting out professionally (aka you can get her amazing talent for a steal, but that's sure not to last for long!).  You can check out her portfolio at and you can follow her blog as well.  Her latest post is about an awesome dinner we had at their house because her husband happens to be a chef.  Yeah.  We certainly lucked out with being their friends!


  1. She did a great job on your pictures, love the stadium in the background. :)

  2. First, can I just say that my husband would also be "grumpy" if I did this to him. Thankfully he came up with a photo idea of his own (shock!) which may just work out.

    My favorite picture is the 4th one, but you guys are a great-looking couple!

  3. You two are just adorable! I wish I could convince my husband to do something like this...but we didn't even get to do engagement photos because he's a grump too!

  4. I had a blast taking your photos! I am so happy you like them. And yes, you two are an adorable couple.