Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Cards Reviewed

I've gone through the stages of grief over these darn Chirstmas cards.  If I was still in the anger phase perhaps this post would be longer and more sarcastic.  Now, I'm just writing it because the situation was pretty ridiculous and I'll be trying another company in the future to compare results.

So I blogged about Shutterfly's holiday cards way back when and proceeded to choose photos.  Then I ordered the cards.

I couldn't believe it when they came in - there were orangey/pinkish halos around the cat and on the wall behind us.  I emailed Shutterfly's customer service and they immediately said they would reprint them and send me new ones.

Then the second order came in . . . with orangey/pinkish halos!  I was tired of dealing with customer service, so I sent in the big guns: Mr. Palindrome.  He called and spoke to a customer service rep for about 20 minutes.  The rep was very nice, assured us that they would reprint them and give us free overnight shipping.  Mr. Palindrome kept emphasizing that the reds were off in the printing and that they needed to have a human inspect them.  Yes, yes, they'd put that note in the file.

And the third order came in . . . exactly like the first two.  At that point, I needed to just get the cards out in the mail.
This picture shows one print of each round of printing.  The following pictures are close-ups of Round 1, 2, and 3.

While we were disappointed with the turn out, my mom said that she didn't notice at all and instead proudly displayed our card on her kitchen counter.
Even though we only paid for the first printing to be shipped, the 100 extra cards to recycle and the hassle of having them reprinted has made me want to try another company in the future.  

Did your holiday cards turn out the way you wanted?  What other companies have you used to print photo cards or photos?


  1. The SAME thing happened to me! My husband and I ordered cards from Shutterfly, and when they arrived, the pictures and wording on the cards were pixelated, and there were gray lines going thru some of the font and pictures. I was livid, especially after paying a nice chunk of change for the cards.

    We contacted customer service, and they offered to reprint and give us free shipping, but we had already sent out the defective cards. Then, after many email exchanges, they gave us a credit. Thing is, the credit was only good on invitations, for which we had no need for. I FINALLY was able to get them to switch the credit so we could order thank you cards, but overall, I'm still not pleased. Thankfully you got your cards for free, but for those that paid and got the horrible quality, it really sucks. They don't follow through with their customer service guarantee of refunds, and the customer service reps are rude. Shutterfly totally lost my business. But, although the whole situation has been disappointing for us both, I'm kinda glad to hear that I wasn't the only one with this problem.

  2. Yuck, I'm so sorry you had to deal with this! I didn't do Shutterfly and at first, regretted not using their free cards given to bloggers.

    I ended up creating my own card and using to print. They are surprisingly cheaper than WalMart and their customer service was EXCELLENT. I would totally use them again.

  3. Yep - Same thing here. Used hi-res wedding photos straight from our photog and they were pixalated and fuzzy. Can't speak for the color as I order black and whites.

    However - we did order some wedding photos through them as a quick order to send to grandparents. The colors were AWFUL. We did 2 separate orders - one as a pickup order from CVS and after that was so bad we did another directly from Shutterfly. The grass actually looked like it was on fire. How? Green grass turns orange?

    They used to be so good, but the quality is now subpar.