Sunday, November 7, 2010

Twas the Month Before Christmas...

... and all through the home,
Mrs. Palindrome kept asking,
To the Mister's bemoan

I want to know, who do we have to send cards to?  Who gets Hanukkah cards? Should we do pictures? Who will take our picture?  Can I get a new sweater?  Can I put a Madonna and Child stamp on the Hanukkah cards?

"Umm, what were you saying? I'm watching the game."

Righto.  So I'm redirecting my Christmas card drivel to the internet.

My decision points are simple: pretty and cost effective.  I could make my own with a kit or from scratch, but I think that we'll have a large list since we were just in touch with everyone at the wedding.  That could be pretty time intensive, and I would rather spend the time handwriting notes on the cards.  I could buy nice cards from Target or somewhere, but I always have a hard time finding enough of the same kind and I'm pretty picky about the messages.

Part of the reason I'm leaning towards a photo card is because I want to commemorate our first year being married.*  I could use a wedding photo, but since our wedding was nearly a year ago, I thought it'd be the right time to capture an anniversary picture.  I also really enjoy seeing pictures when others send me their cards.  So I suppose I'll follow the golden rule here. I've done photo cards before from Snapfish, but the quality wasn't great.  After using Shutterfly for our wedding pictures and albums though, I was willing to browse their cards since I was happy with the print quality.

I'm opinionated when it comes to cards.  I like flat cards (less paper), 4x8 size, traditional colors, pretty (not cutesy), just one picture, and a positive message about Christmas.  Thankfully the search options on the left side of Shutterfly's cards/stationery page let me take out my neuroses on search parameters.

My first set of returns turned up a few favorites.

Joy Dots Green Christmas  (though I wish the text was more ornate/less cutesy)

Broadening my search to 5x5 cards (really only an option if they came with elongated envelopes so that I wouldn't have to pay extra postage for the square shape), I also found a few other options I liked:

Then since I was browsing, I checked out the Hanukkah cards.  We only have a handful of Hanukkah cards to send, so while I'll probably get them a la carte, I was really drawn to this one:

It's also nice to know that if my procrastination gets the best of me, there are some lovely New Year's cards (in which case I can just get all the same card for everyone on our list):

Love and Laughter New Year's  (a tad modern for my taste, but so fun)

I think it's high time to snuggle my honey for the last quarter of this football game and contemplate my choices.  Are you sending holiday cards this year?

*Another reason I'm leaning towards a photo card is because I'm being compensated for this post with 50 free cards.  Though I love a deal, I wouldn't blog about this unless I could personally vouch for Shutterfly and their services.  I also plan to blog about the photo taking experience and will definitely be reviewing the final product!

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  1. I wish you were closer- I'd invite you to our Chrismukkah party!!! Love all the cards you are looking at.