Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Philly Eats

I think that our trips to Philadelphia aligned with my homesickness for food types beyond Southern.  While I've enjoyed many southern delights, every once in a while, I get a huge craving for Jersey diner food.  Or I get the urge to walk around an Italian neighborhood (NYC, Philly, Baltimore, take your pick).  When your daily activities involve eating, sleeping and going to the hospital, food soon becomes the best part of your day.

Take this case of confections at Naked Chocolate Cafe.  Just a few blocks from HUP, a world of chocolate stood at the ready, waiting to tantalize your taste buds.
Mr. Palindrome and his cousin ordered the Drinking Chocolate without knowing what to expect. These behemoths satisfied all four of our chocolate cravings. 
One morning, we decided to treat ourselves to a laid back breakfast at Cafe L'Aube.  Crepes and cappuccinos took our minds off the impending rain.
I went with the sweet boysenberry crepe while Mr. Palindrome sampled the savory ham and cheese.

And when we weren't eating out, we were being fed by Mr. Palindrome's very dear, little Jewish grandmother.  I'm convinced everyone should have someone like her in their lives.
Not only does Grandma make you the French Toast, she gives you juice in little glasses, keeps hot coffee in your mug, and reminds you to take your allergy medication.  And you feel very loved.  And full.
Now that I'm back, I do like me some sausage gravy and biscuits, but nothing seems to beat breakfast at Grandma's.

Do you ever miss regional cooking from home?  How do you satisfy your craving?


  1. What a yummy post! Looks delicious!

  2. I want a little Jewish grandmommy. My grammy doesn't cook. I gotta fend for myself. :(

  3. Oh, wow, that french toast! Can I borrow his grandma?!

  4. The drinking chocolates! Ohhh the drinking chocolates! Those look insanely awesome...

  5. How AMAZING is Naked Chocolate?! I used to work there when I lived in Philly.. so good but SO bad because I could eat all the chocolate and cupcakes I wanted!!!

  6. Um, delicious! That made me wicked hungry!