Monday, November 29, 2010

Master Bathroom Before and After

I teased you with the cabinet painting post.  I teased because I hadn't cleaned my bathroom yet and couldn't bring myself to show you unclean after photos.  You dodged that bullet. Phew!

Today, I overcame my bathroom cleanliness apathy and managed to catch daylight photos.  Light only emerges from the darkness though.  So let's start there.  In the dark.  Oh goodness.  You probably won't believe that we saw this before we bought the house (Mr. Palindrome snapped these pics during the walk through with the inspector).  We were so young and naive back then.  We thought renovating this would be fun.  

Step 1 was girding ourselves with the armor of HAZMAT.  We put on hunting rubbers and gas masks.  We armed ourselves with Clorox.  Let's just say that this poor bathroom did not remember the last time anyone cleaned it.  As much as I neglect it occasionally, this poor room was all out abandoned.  

While we had entertained the idea of completely renovating this bathroom DIY style (I think we watched too much DIY Network and not enough DIY Disasters), we ended up leaving the gutting and tile work up to a contractor.  We did DIY a lot of projects, but honestly it didn't save us a lot of money as compared to the quotes we were getting to complete the entire project.  While we still have the extra $500 for scraping the ceiling, painting the entire room, installing the toilet, installing the fixtures, putting in the fan, replacing the light fixtures and installing the medicine cabinet, we will never get back the time.  If I had a nickel for every time we said that we wished we had paid somebody to do this, then we would have broken even.  

Alright, enough "woe is us, we should have used the contractor."  On to the after shots!

On the day the renovations were complete, Mr. Palindrome and I flipped for who initiated in the toilet and shower.  We were much too excited to test Mr. Palindrome's blossoming plumbing skills.  Thankfully, there was no leaking or stinking thanks to a perfectly installed seal (after 3 attempts) and high power fan respectively.

I'll start wrapping up this series on our master bath renovation with some process shots while the contractor was here.  We learned a lot about hiring professional help ... Also, I'll finish with a recap of the materials we used and a quick budget overview.

Although it wasn't hard to beat out the Before pics, how do you think our After pics stack up?


  1. Good work!!! I'm really impressed! Can't wait to hear more :)

  2. I love the after! It looks so fresh and clean. I really like the new tiles you picked for the shower too, so much better than the mix of hexagon and square tiles that were there before!

  3. Wow that is an amazing transformation!!!

  4. Um, can you guys come to do our bathroom? This is impressive.

  5. whoa. 1,000, if not 1,000,000 times better. looks fantastic!

  6. Your renovation looks awesome!!! We just did ours this last weekend and isn't it just an amazing feeling having a fresh new bathroom?! We are loving it every time we step in there, I'm sure you are feeling the same :) Great job!