Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Finds - Magenta and Teal

 Scanned from my copy of the J. Crew Catalog
Flipping through the J. Crew catalog, I came across these shoes and tore the page out.  Besides the gorgeous (albeitout of my price range) shoes, what really captured my fancy was the teal tulle.  In thinking about this advertisement, I gathered this week's finds.  Somehow, when I wasn't directly looking at the page, I imagine in my head that there was also magenta tulle.  When I had collected my finds and returned to the original inspiration, I realized my imagination ran wild.  However, I decided to keep the magenta in my collection because I can see these items adorning the mantle where this model is is arranging a modern holiday focal point.
Clockwise from Top L:
Treehouse Wood Designs - Wooden LOVE letters
Kings Down Road - Vintage Silverplate Bowl
Bird in Hand Vintage - Antique Turquoise Birdcage


  1. I LOVE that love sign. Seriously, need.

  2. Ahhhh those SHOES! I want them...NOW...

  3. Bah! J. Crew, do you have to be so cute? That birdcage would make an adorable card holder for a wedding, by the way.