Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conklin Farm - The Insider's Scoop!

I love to experience controlled fear.  Horror movies, love 'em.  Haunted houses, bring 'em on.  So when the opportunity came up to go on a haunted hay ride at our cousin's farm in New Jersey, I dragged Mr. Palindrome there with gusto. 
Sadly, but the time we arrived at Conklin Farm, the last hayride had just pulled away.  Luckily, we saw our cousins and they ducked us backstage for a behind the scenes tour.  I wasn't even on the hay ride and I was spooked!  Then they showed us the hay ride route and told us how much all of the parts on the vintage cars were worth.  I had thought they were all junk, but apparently the bumper alone on the car above is worth an iphone and a half.
In addition to loving anything haunted, I also love me some farm animals.  This kid was quite interactive and apparently had quite the itchy leg.
Gah! I'm such a sucker for the fall.  Mr. Palindrome told me I looked like a kid on Christmas morning.  Well, with haunted hay rides, cute animals, and a pumpkin patch, it felt pretty darn close!
The only unfortunate part was my choice in footwear.  I mean, I love, love, love my new snakeskin flats, but they didn't exactly stand up to the, how shall we say, farm floor.
As I'm reading through this post again, I feel like it could be a write-up for Stuff White People Like.  I looked up the full list expecting hay rides, petting zoos and snakeskin flats to be on the list.  #113 and #132 are the closest to this post.  Oh well, to bring Kanye into the mix (whom I'll like more in a few years), I think I'm pretty fly for a white girl.

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  1. So, I totally had to check out that website and I love it! Hahaha.

    I'm totally a culprit of a lot of things. And you are definitely fly for a white girl. ;)