Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds - Rust and Pumpkin

My mom has decorated with the same earth tones forever.  She doesn't stray far from rusts, chocolate, olives, golds, and creams.  So when I finally had the chance to decorate my own home, I went straight to yellows, oranges, and blues.  The one aspect that I kept was the traditional styling of furniture (partly due to our access to inherited furniture from our parents).  I often dream of selling everything and starting over in a small apartment - to reinvent my stylistic sensibilities.  This collection is a combination of vintage and modern, of rust and pumpkin.  They're natural hues, yet fresh in combination.

If you could start over, what colors or style would you want to try?

Clockwise from Top L:
Rukkola - Tied up pillowcases
infinity arts - Oodles Walk Clock
Crafty Sara - Vintage Pyrex Autumn Harvest 4 Bowl Set
White Willow Vintage - Autumn Foliage Books


  1. Love the colors rust and pumpkin. Such warm fall colors. For myself, If I were to redo my apartment I think I would use some light blues and greens.

  2. Those are gorgeous warm colors. I adore the shade of grey in our living room/dining room, but wish we had gone for a light green in the bedroom. We don't have enough natural light for the peachy pink shade I chose to really shine.