Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Finds - Eggplant Agonized Over

I started this post on Tuesday when I made eggplant for dinner. I immediately found 3 lovely pieces.  Then spent the next 5 days agonizing over the last pick.  Ridiculous.  Not only because I made Friday Finds late here, but I made it late on the bride site as well.  I'm celebrating eggplant across my small patch of blogosphere and in the kitchen though as alternative to my beloved, yet overused, orange to herald the season.  Since I was late, you will also get a bonus of some of my favorite picks for the 4th spot that didn't quite make the cut due to clashing or similarity to another item in the showcase.

Clockwise from Top L:
Spinning Wheel Studio - SWS Art Batt
Dreams and Visions - Purpleness
Fabulous Pieces - Pair of Vintage Walnut Office Chairs
Mark Hudak - Eggplant Purple and Fern Green Tall Mug

 Golly Bard - Heaps of Love No.5 ORIGINAL watercolor (Love the fact it's original art, love the colors, but this collection veered more towards the sage compliments than chartreuse).
 Asian Art and Quilts - Abstract Art Wall Quilt (This piece is sooo interesting and colorful - but the reds were overpowering the others in the collection.)
 Oh Clementine - Gray Dresser with Plum Knobs (Look at those knobs! And the lines! And the details!  But it was such a tall picture, it wouldn't fit quite right, and in the end the gray was a bit off for the collection).
 Azure Dandelion Garden - Heirloom Rosa Bianca Eggplant Seeds (Oh wow, did I want this pick to work out - I hardly ever feature garden vegetables and these were just divine!  Too bad the greens weren't jiving with the rest).
 Shanna Rumberg - Eggplant and Chartreuse Serving Bowl (This was the first item I found when searching for eggplant.  It inspired the entire bridal showcase I did this week that leaned more heavily on chartreuse.  In the end, it just seemed too modern and I already had another piece of pottery in this collection.)
Laylalou Studio - Origami Butterflies in Morning Tea Party (I loved the 3 dimensional aspect and how these butterflies are corralled in an embroidery hoop.  Too bad they're a smidge on the magenta side!)

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