Thursday, October 28, 2010

Field Peas

Our farm share* has introduced me to a lot of new produce.  I've roasted beets.  I've pulled spaghetti squash.  I've stir fried radishes.  Recently, I saw field peas on the order page.  After looking around for a recipe, I discovered they're a southern specialty, so I decided to build a dinner around these southern beauties.
Following this recipe for Southern Cream Peas, I shucked these bad boys til my fingers hurt.  Just when I thought I'd hit my shucking rhythm, a wayward pea would throw me off.
They did look beautiful in my bowl though - the creamy green, speckled with a harvest purple.  I'm glad I took a picture during that stage, because that was the last time they looked appetizing.
Though the light isn't perfect in this documentation, it certainly capture the ick factor of how they turned out.  I tasted it and they actually were good (not mouth watering, but hey, they're peas).  Sadly, once I get into my head that they look like they'll taste icky, then I have to feed them to my husband.  If I had a dog, my husband could share them.  Our cat isn't a hoover like a dog, that's one of their downsides as far as being a good pet.

In my opinion, the best part of the whole dish was this uncured, farm raised bacon that I fried up to put in the peas.  This was also part of my farm share delivery.  Never having used uncured bacon before, I didn't know what to expect.  It's a bit chewier, and a tad less salty.  I think it took longer to cook, but I didn't time it so I could make a scientific claim.  Now this, this is appetizing!
What are you cooking from your farmer's market or farm share box?

*We use a farm share service that delivers weekly and we can choose the products we receive.  If you're in the Triangle Area, check out Papa Spud's and tell them I sent you over!


  1. Hmm, never heard of field peas. Were getting a farmers grocer soon (all local produce!) and I'm excited to start finding things like this!

  2. I'd also be a bigger fan of the bacon than the peas :)

  3. I *think* we might have gotten field peas, though I pretty much never could identify the specific variety of anything we got in our mystery CSA box. Kudos to you for shucking them. And how bad could they have been with BACON? bacon. bacon. bacon.