Monday, September 13, 2010

Playing Musical Animals

A long time ago, in the land of Disney, Mr. Palindrome's aunt gave him a cat for his birthday.  Then he went to college and the cat (Samantha, Sam, Sammy, Squishy Face) stayed at his parents' house being terrorized by their chow chow.  When Mr. Palindrome's sister moved away for college, she took Sam to live a peaceful existence as an only pet.  Then she moved to New York and her roommate already had cats.  So Samantha moved in with Grandma Fran.  And they lived together peacefully. And they liked it.
(Give me a smile, c'mon)
Then, there was a stroke and a hospitalization in the family.  After 4 weeks, the chow chow bent on terror is flying her way to the east coast.  After all, she is Gina's pride and joy in her empty nested state.  But what of poor Sammy?

Squishy Face has moved in with the Palindromes.  The sweet little honey of scaredy cat scouted out her new digs while I cooed (Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty) and  hugged Mr. Palindrome reveling in our new little family (even if only temporarily).
(Oh, that was your smile?)
However, (there's always a however) this morning we discovered that Sam is the true terrorist.  Meow!  She demands.  MEOW! She cries.  Meow! Meow! AT. 4. O'MGclock. IN. THE. MORNING. 

Anycats, our new house guest was chastised for her inconsiderate ways as soon as my feet hit the floor and I could find her.  Against a beige carpet and with no contacts in, I had to look for the moving black spots as they made a bee-line for the bed.  All of the rage then subsided as she looked up at me with those big baby blues and sweetly asked, "Meow?"

Gah!  My heart melts again.

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