Wednesday, September 8, 2010

John, Grown in the City, and Philadelphia

You know how you forget you know who you know?  I mean, I didn't forget I knew John.  But I did forget that my friend John is a city planner.  Who happened to get his degrees in Philadelphia.  And thanks to his excellent comment on my post, I'm now an educated out-the-window gazer.

John also happens to run an urban gardening website and blog, Grown in the City.  He's been linked on my side bar for a while, but his comment reminded me about his other insights! He has lots of suggestions for beginning gardeners.  And for my city readers, the suggestions for apartment dwelling gardens are really cool.  Check out his DIY tutorial for building balcony friendly self-watering planters:
Or check out the latest DIY suggestions from another contributor for how to introduce aphids to your tomato garden:
Head on over and say hello to Grown in the City!  Have you been gardening this summer?  What kind of garden did you grow and how did it fare?

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