Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday Finds - Gossip Chair Jackpot

*After a scheduling mishap where I thought I had scheduled my post, but Blogger did not,  I'm bringing Friday Finds to you on a Sunday.  TGIF!

I check in with Craig regularly.  We sell all sorts of items on craigslist - everything from leftover wedding items to non-working yard equipment that someone else might be able to jump start.  Yeah.  Non-working weed eater.  Mr. Palindrome wanted to list it for $15 and I wanted to kick it to the curb.  The same day he listed it, he sold it.  If I had any gumption, I could have had myself a mani instead of a slice of humble pie.

One item I consistently search is antique telephone tables/gossip chairs.  I just love them. So useless now that I can walk about with my cell phone and blue tooth.  But. so. darn. cute.  The uselessness makes them all the more intriguing to me.  They're like giant, unearthed time capsules, reminding of me of my previously wired life.  The life where you sat down and talked to someone.

Today I found two great pieces and instead of immediately snapping them up I'm trying to abide by the Palindrome house embargo on furniture.  Instead of driving right now to pick these up, I'm going to share them with you.
Part of craigslisting (now a verb) is ignoring fuzzy photos and engaging the imagination.  A coat of antique white paint and a nautical or feminine floral reupholstering job would be just the ticket for this sweet chair.  If I could redo my office right now, then I would paint it black or light gray and use yellow pattern fabric so that it fit into a scheme like that shown below:
Source Unknown
For 40 buckaroos I must be crazy to show you this chair without claiming it as mine first.  Alas, I must move on.  Scrolling through the listings, I found another winner!
I know that dark stained wood and formal furniture isn't all the rage, but I love it.  I do.  We inherited a lovely Queen Anne bedroom set from Mr. Palindrome's family like the set below.  I feel like I'm walking into a delightful B&B when I pass through the door.  That is, if the bed is made.  And the underwear is in the hamper.  And if I've recently dusted.  So basically, this one time when I walked into the room, I felt like it was a gorgeous B&B.  
If we had an once of room so spare, I'd be all over this little chair to set in the corner as a reading chair/clothes pile attractor.  I might change the upholstery to a slate blue duponi silk to contrast our rich peachy bedding.  At $140, the set is a little more expensive.  However, it wouldn't require refinishing and it includes the storage ottoman.  Plus, you can always negotiate.  Though I would send Mr. Palindrome's poker face into that kind of deal.  I'm the girl who likes to go to CarMax.

Do you regularly search for wish list items on Craigslist?  Any good finds recently?

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