Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Cowgirl Boots

Two weeks before our trip to CO
Me: "What do you think about these boots?"

Mr. Palindrome: "For what? . . . they look the same to me."

No matter how many times Mr. Palindrome glibly responds with the most stereotypical male statements I've ever heard, it still surprises me.  Must keep telling myself that Mr. Palindrome. is. not. a. girl. friend. 

So I asked Lisa

Me: "What do you think about these boots?"

Lisa: "Oooooh for your trip to Colorado? I like the darker pairs, but they're all cute.  Although I think the ostrich skin ones are a little more masculine looking.  Are you wearing them with jeans or skirts?  Can you wear them in North Carolina too? I think I like the dark mahogany ones best with the contrast stitching. Have you looked at new pairs? Want me to look up some too?"

And that's why you need girlfriends.
A week later, and none too soon before our flight, these lovelies landed on my door step.
They were the perfect antidote to my western shoe dilemma.  From the rodeo with a jersey dress to the ranch with skinny jeans, they fit the bill.
Now all I need is a western wear inspired snap down shirt and a pair of Kenny Chesney tickets for these boots to make a comeback!

*Unsourced photographs in this post are mine.  Forgive the reddish cast of the closeup of the heels . . . My method of photoshop editing is known as trial and error.


  1. Oh I love these! So cute! I don't know if I could pull these off, but I know they will look awesome on you!

  2. Love them! By the way, I would totally rock those on the streets of NYC. No joke.

  3. @Terri - I thought about bringing them to NYC for BlogHer!

  4. Adorable boots! And of course, guys will never understand the differences in any shoe choice!

  5. Those are seriously fantastic.