Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Finds - Nesting, Literally

Nesting is such a primal urge.  I feel like a savage beast stalking nest building materials at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Etsy, and thrift stores.  Must. build. nest.  Must. pad. home.  Must. nestle. in.  This animal instinct only grows stronger when Mr. Palindrome tries to combat it with reason, "But Palindrome love, everything we buy here, we'll just have to move next year."  This sends me into a tail spin!  Must. build. faster!  Must. nest. NOW!

To satiate the nesting hunger while respecting our decision to accumulate as little as possible before the move, I've resorted to window shopping.  15 pages into my favorites on Etsy, you'd understand that I have a problem.  3 pages into saved searches for everything from egg cups to custom stained glass house numbers and you'd judge me as certifiable.  Unless you have the same favorites.  If so, join me in my window nesting as I fantasize about a sitting room filled with nests, eggs, and birds.

Clockwise from L:
Slinkimalinkicat - Circa 1880 British Birds Eggs - Plate V - Original Antique Print
dearjes - Petite Cloche and Egg in Nest
Room29 - Bird's Nest and Eggs Vintage Illustration
Frippelous - Primitive Paper Mache Letters

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