Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Finds - Mid Century Cockadoodledoo

We have 2 alarm clocks and 3 cell phones capable of am alarming in our bedroom. 

I enjoy waking up to the radio.  I also enjoy setting my alarm clock 7 minutes fast to coordinate with the 7 minute snooze in order to play games with my mind.  I wish it ended there, but I also set the alarm to go off 7 minutes before the hour.  So when I want to get up at 7:00 am, I set my alarm to 6:53 am.  I hit snooze twice (and extra 14 minutes of sleep), but due to the fact that I set it fast to begin with, I'm still getting up at 7:00 am.  Ridiculous.  Yet effective.

Mr. Palindrome has one black alarm clock with large red numbers so that he can tell the time without having to reach for his spectacles.  However, he does not enjoy the stun gun equivalent beeps that emanate from the said clock.  He refuses to wake up to the radio because he says that whatever song is playing will be stuck in his head.  He doesn't like any of the alarms on his phone, besides the fact that he wants his phone beside him on the nightstand so that he can read articles in bed and check email when he wakes up.  The reason that the alarm can't be on the table is that he would turn it off in his sleep.  So a duplicate alarm must be set up across the room beside the red numbered clock.  Hence the third cell phone that he has used for 7 years with what he calls the perfect blend of tones that crescendo as it sounds.

All of this leads to a cacophony every 3-4 minutes as our competing alarms and snooze times rouse us each morning.  And did I mention it's all quite ugly?  Power cords for each phone, two laptops and two clock radios tangled into oblivion.  Sometimes I want to sweep my arm across the nightstand and start fresh.  These cheery yellow mid-century models don't meet any of our wake-up routine preferences, yet the aesthetic trumps our modern mess.

Clockwise from Top L:
Objet Petite - Clock Drop
Big Fish 'Lil Pond - Mid Century Mod Giant Alarm Clock
52girls - Vintage Westclox
Mazuli Vintage - Retro Vintage Big Yellow German Wind Up Clock

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