Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling like a million bucks

When you've spent a week by the side of a hospital bed, after schlepping your rolling suitcase from Bala Cynwyd to Pat's to University City to the Theater District, it's understandable to feel a bit out of sorts.  Therefore, this week, I've sought some solace from a regular work day.  This is the 7th office location I've been to within my firm and sitting in one of the familiar gray l-shaped work stations feels like sitting at home.  Because all 3 outfits I brought are in our laundry bag and because shorts and t-shirts aren't appropriate office wear, I treated myself (in a big way) to a new outfit.

I pulled a Julia Roberts, walking into a store in jeans and walking out in a tailored suit, a la Pretty Woman.  I told the sales associate I wanted brown or navy suiting and that I liked ruffled tops.  She outfitted me from necklace to hose.  She pulled clothing they hadn't even set on the floor yet.  She cut the tags off in the dressing room.  And as I saw the numbers ringing higher and higher upon check out, the less and less I cared.  Not because I spent extravagantly, but because I felt so good.  I walked out a new woman.

Shall we start from the bottom?

Have you splurged on a new outfit during a difficult time?  How did it feel?  Even if it wasn't a retail therapy splurge, what are you wearing to the office as we transition to fall?


  1. Great purchases! Love it.

    I am a hot mess this fall. I don't think I've bought many new clothes at all since I started working -- three years ago. I think I need a few new pieces to stir things up a bit...

  2. Love it!!! I bet you look smokin' hot today! :) Glad you treated yourself to something nice in this rough time...I was actually just wondering how you were getting by work-attire wise. Glad you are well-suited (pun intended). Get better soon, MIL Palindrome :)

  3. That's such an awesome outfit!! LOVE IT! specially the ruffled neck shirt, so cute!