Thursday, August 19, 2010

Because Families are Funny

On the hills of our roller coaster ride, I've felt like I'm living in a SITCOM.  My people embody the USA TV channel tag line, "Characters Welcome."  Or better yet, the TV family they identify with the most is Everybody Loves Raymond.  Here's a snippet of the exchange at lunch yesterday:
Grandma - Remember when Jason was little and he was so excited to eat lobster?
Grandpa - Yeah, but when we got home, he heard them screaming in the pot . . .
Grandma - Eeee! eee! squee!
Grandpa - and then he wouldn't even touch them.
Jason - It was traumatic!  They were screaming in pain!
Grandpa - I don't think you were old enough to remember.
Jason - My earliest memories are from the womb!
Grandma - There was a lobster in the womb with you?
SIL - Yes, they were holding hands.
Me - You mean claws!  Cute little lobster claws.
Grandpa - You ordered lobster claws? I didn't see that on the menu.  I thought you still didn't eat lobster.

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