Friday, July 2, 2010

C'mon Baby Light My Fire

You know how sometimes you walk into a store and the price tags make your eyes bug out a little?  Maybe that store is JC Penny for you.  Maybe that store is Neiman Marcus.  In any case, we all have that store.  I call it my, "Look but don't Touch" store (If I broke anything, I couldn't afford to buy it).

Here in Durham, we have a pretty nice mall with a couple of "Look, but don't Touch" stores.  In fact, there's one store I rarely enter.  I'm afraid that my eyes will be so buggy, that the sales rep will immediately know that I'm the type of person who could trip on a rug and smash a display bowl with $16 a pop decorative balls into smithereens at any moment.  Mr. Palindrome has no such qualms.  He saw bathroom hardware through the window so he dragged me in to "see if there was anything we might need."  Well, momma (for some reason I've been calling myself that in the third person since we got married - Mr. Palindrome hates it, therefore, I use it more), saw something she might need.
 Hello SAILOR!  Look at the amazing details!  Nautical and worldly.  Leggy, yet sturdy.  AND we had been looking for a pair of lamps for our family room.  I broke my cardinal rule and my fingers slipped up to the nape of the lamp's neck.  Trembling, fumbling.  I reached for the tag. $395.  "Don't let your eyes bug, don't let your eyes bug, breathe, don't let your eyes bug, carefully retrieve your arm and walk quickly back to the center of the aisle," I told myself.  "You see a ghost or something?" Mr. Palindrome was unaware of my sticker shock.  He casually said nice lamp, flipped the tag and announced, "That is ridiculous."  With that, we left Restoration Hardware.

I just couldn't get that lamp out of my mind though.  I stalked TJ Maxx, Ross, and Home Goods for anything similar.  Then I turned to the internet.  Sweet, glorious internet, come to my lamp salvation!

This version from Bellacor is almost half the price of my Royal Marine beauty at $209, but still outside the range that I was willing to pay for something that I couldn't sit on.

This Kenroy Surveyor lamp from Office Depot is about half off the Bellacor lamp.  At $109, we're getting close, but still no cigar.

 This inmod lamp jumped back up to the stratosphere in price ($289.99).  It was also too mod and not enough nautical for my taste.

I had all but given up on a substitute when I came across this little number grocery shopping (SuperTarget, such a dangerous grocery experience for my budget . . . Milk . . . eggs. . . cute head band . . . bread . . . chicken . . . cute shoes . . .).  Tripod base, adjustable leggies with brass hardware and linen flare lamp shades (sold separately for $14.99 each), $29.99 - SOLD to the lady with a wedding gift card on aisle 8b!

Once I clear off 5 days of happy hour beer glasses from my coffee table and unwrap the plastic from the lampshades (they passed our test drive), I'll show you how they look in the room.  Unless the dirty dishes would make you feel more at home?


  1. I fell in love with that lamp at restoration hardware too!
    There are some great I just need to find a place to put it!

  2. Target to the rescue! I love the lamp base, what a great find :)

  3. Looks like you are on the right track! I just hate the heart break of something you love for a god awful, crazy, price!