Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lamps in Action

Over the weekend, we decided we could live without the Restoration Hardware Heart Throb lamps.  Thus, we finally cut the tags off our Target Stand Ins and finally unwrapped the lamp shades.  Mr. Palindrome even bought the special 3-way light bulbs so that we could enjoy a trio of light options perfect for reading, conversation or TV viewing respectively. 
I cleaned 3 months of mail off the table and then attempted to photograph our wallet rejoicing lamp alternatives.  I was so excited to use my new Nikon D90 and my wide angle lens in an effort to get a sweeping, magazine worthy shot of our family room.  Turns out, the room is too small to capture anything more than a corner. 
That's ok, more closeups for you!  Do you see what I mean about the brass being much more apparent in person than in the photo on the Target website?  I never would have bought the lamps unless I had seen them in person.
I have to confess that I took pictures of the other half of this pair.  However, I don't love you enough to show you the photographic disaster.  I will tell you about my laziness though.  Mr. Palindrome had swiped the other lamp's light bulb when he was ransacking the entire house for 4 bulbs of the same wattage to install in a ceiling fan.  With only one window in the family room and my bedtime approaching fast (8:30 pm, yes I've got the sleeping habits of an octogenarian), I tried every camera setting available.  If it involved more than lifting my one camera button pushing finger, I didn't try it.  I could have found another light bulb.  I could have waited for another day.  Waiting another day could involve more work tidying up though.  So you suffer with photographs from just one lamp.  Poor babies.  After you cry yourself to sleep over it, you can just imagine an identical lamp on the other side of our couch.  Except transfer in a jar of potpourri for the bird cage and butterscotch pillar candles for the stained glass votive holders.  Seriously, try it.  You probably haven't had to use your imagination since grade school, so don't hurt yourself, but give the ole imagination a nice warm-up stretch.  See? Pretty lamps.  

PS - I'm a teensy blogger with an audience of my mom and me.  I don't get any money from Target for talking up their lamp or making it look a million times better.  Check out the Blog with Integrity button on my right hand panel if you'd like to read more about the commitment I made to blogging with integrity.


  1. I have to say, I wasn't so keen on the tripod lamp in the original Target photo - but that is startlingly cute on the table.

  2. Love them! What a great look! :)