Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen and Garden Show

It's like a library in here. Quiet.  It's about to get a whole lot louder though because I'm ready to tell you all about our trip to Colorado this past week.  Just pull out your boots and give me a hearty yippy-yi-yo-ki-yay!
Mr. Palindrome and his mom kicked off the picture taking goodness our first day at the start of the annual Strings High Country Kitchen and Garden Tour.  It started off as any good vacation should with a clear sky, warm sunshine, and a boat load of carbalicious, home made breakfasty goodness, buffet style!
You can see Mt. Werner and the ski trails behind us on the deck of the first house in the tour.  The home owners had lived in Canada for quite a few years and the maple leaf was a motif woven throughout the decor of the house.  It turns out that after chatting with the homeowner for a few minutes that he graduated from the same high school as my mother-in-law back in New Jersey!  Small world.
At the second home, there was an insane wine cellar and movie room.  None of the pictures turned out inside, but how about this view from the walk out basement?  Wine and a view . . . a little bit of heaven on earth as far as I'm concerned.
All of the houses had been staged and I particularly liked seeing the western influences in the table-scapes.  I was smitten by the yellow glasses with the bubbles.  Thankfully, we non-millionaires can find lovely substitutes at Target (you're welcome).
For an afternoon break, we stopped by the Steamboat Springs Farmer's Market downtown. The floppy green polka dotted hat was calling my name and I almost bought it in anticipation of going to lots of horse races and sitting at lots of beaches, but realized that I didn't do a whole lot of either thing and passed it up. 
We tried a new restaurant in town for lunch and sat on the upper deck overlooking the Yampa River.  For the life of me I can't think of the name, but it was the new restaurant in the old Yacht Club space (I asked everyone I came across if they thought the old name was funny, and no one else saw the hilarity of a preppily named restaurant in a dusty western town).  If you go, order the fish tacos and tell them Melinda sent you.  Anyyacht, we were inspired by the tubers we saw floating down the river and planned a day of tubing for the next day. 
Back on the tour we visited the Epcot of home gardens.  Inside, it was chock full of vegetables.  Beyond the greenhouse bubble, the landscape loomed large.
Not only are the mountains bigger out west, but they also grow their dandelions a bit bigger as well.  This one is the size of my head.  Too bad I didn't include anything else in the photograph for a reference. Doh.
The black lab at the top of the stairs tickled me.  He was a big Eeyore of a dog, telling you that the heat and the visitors were a big buzz kill.
All of the home renovation blogs I read are into painting wood fun colors.  I thought this was an awesome way to incorporate that idea into your outdoor landscaping.  The fresh pop of turquoise on a swing was so unexpected, yet relaxed and fun.

This is the photograph that I'm going to print and hang somewhere in our house. That sky.  Those mountains.  The wildflowers.  The rusted horse weather vane.  COLORADO!
Since al fresco dining is only advisable for a few months, I couldn't imagine eating anywhere else but at this table, with this view every day that the weather was tolerable.

While I won't be purchasing my multi-million dollar western ranch anytime soon, we did garner quite a few decorating ideas and even some kitchen cabinet inspiration!  The fun on the first day wasn't over yet though.  Stay tuned for our next big adventure, the rodeo!


  1. Is that dandelion really the size of your head?!? My favorite flower is the dandelion. I know some people think they are weeds, but I'm here to tell you, those people are wrong!

  2. Wow, this trip looks like it was a ton of fun!

  3. I love dandelions too! I think I might have a picture of me trying to blow the fronds off of one when we went hiking . . . More to come!

  4. Looks like a lovely trip, I can't wait until my in laws retire in Colorado, so I can finally visit. And um, I LOVE those yellow bubble glasses! Might have to scope them out on my next Target trip!