Monday, July 5, 2010

Festival for the Eno

People watching.  What a pastime.  It doesn't matter if it's the streets of New York City or a local diner, I could people watch like it was my full time job.  I've lived in Durham for about 6 months and have missed some of my favorite people watching spots, particularly the DC Metro and more recently the north end of Virginia Beach.  Thankfully, I found a weekend quick fix this 4th of July - The Festival for the Eno!
The Eno River State Park holds an annual arts festival with live music, art exhibits, and children's activities.  The setting is surreal, like a scene out of Sherwood Forest.  You cross foot bridges over winding brooks and hike through gnarled tree roots.

I didn't have a festival map, so I let the crowd carry me with the flow.  I happened upon a secluded swimming hole and watched children skip rocks.  They spotted minnows.  They screamed when their toes sunk into the squishy sediment. 
Besides artists and crafters hawking wares ranging from detailed stained glass windows to folk paintings to hand woven baskets, park rangers and volunteers staffed wild life booths.  Snakes, owls, and gators, Oh my!
The park incorporates a green energy source with their water wheel.  Just when you think you can't handle anymore granola or hippies, sweet processed food saves the day!  Hello ice cream shaped carnival concessions!
Sausages? Fries? Coca-Cola to wash it all down? Yes, PLEASE!
You can't be too hasty in choosing your lunch in s situation like this, or else you might end up getting a burger and then come along a funnel cake station.  With just a few dollars in cash, I hoarded those precious bills until just the right combo struck my fancy.
A 10 gallon cup of fresh squeezed lemonade and a corn dog hit the spot.  You know, the spot right between a coronary and heartburn.
To make myself feel more like a responsible human being afterwards, I headed over to the trash free zone.  My corn dog stick and paper plate found themselves in the compost bin while my big gulp headed to the recycling bin.  Cool.  And heartburn free.


  1. "the spot between a coronary and heartburn" . . . hilarious. and hurray for local festivals.

  2. Wanna trade? I'll happily visit any of your old haunts in the DC Metro on your behalf, if you'll head to a Durham Bulls game and enjoy a pulled-pork sandwich with cole slaw on top.... :)

  3. Tara! I'm going to my first Bulls game this Friday - I love baseball and am so excited. Thanks for the BBQ tip! I'll be sure to people watch and report back :)