Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cut for a Cause

I'm taking a small detour from my Colorado recaps (I know you have ants in your pants for the rodeo recap!) to give you the skinny on my new do.  I've given you a few peeks, but for this go around, I actually blow dried it.  With a round brush and everything.  Then I put on some makeup.  
With such a drastic change from my wedding photographs, I wanted to update all of my social media profiles with a fresh photo. While we were in Colorado, I coerced Mr. Palindrome into snapping a few head shots so that I could hem and haw about how none of them really look like me, why my left eye is so squinty, and if I should start wearing darker lipstick. 
People keep asking me if I was sick of my long hair.  The truth is that I'm just not a hair person.  I'm not the girl who spent an hour blow drying and curling it through high school.  I'm the girl who throws it all in a pony tail.  Short hair has it's perks.  Like using less shampoo.  Hair just doesn't matter that much to me.  So about a month ago, I walked into a salon, sat in the chair of a stylist I'd never met, and told her to just cut 12" inches off.  Mr. Palindrome came home from work and after 10 minutes of talking about his day at work, finally noticed and said, "What did you do to your hair?"  A real romantic no?
This wasn't my first covert hair cut.  When I studied abroad, I cut my hair right before coming home without telling anyone.  Then later, I cut it again after moving to the beach.  I've donated all three ponytails to Locks of Love.  To me, it's not about a post wedding chop, shocking people, or preferring a certain length of hair.  It's about participating in a circle of giving that costs me nothing and means everything to a child.
Are you a hair person?  Have you donated hair for a cause?


  1. It looks amazing! I did the short hair cut post-wedding...with sweeping bangs and all. Turns out, there's a reason I've always had long hair cause short hair ain't my thing!! I'm not a hardcore hair person....if I'm running late, I throw in some gel, give it a scrunch and air dry in the car.