Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the Beginning: A Welcome of Sorts

The wedding is over.  Now what?  Instead of "What color should I make the outline of our custom monogram?" Now I'm asking, "How do I be a wife? How do I own a home?" These are the new and exciting things that have taken the space previously filled with tulle and cake stands. 

I'm a pro at wedding blogging, but quite a newbs to the slice of life blogging sphere.  You  may be asking yourself, "Why another house/life blog? My google reader is already full!"  I have answers, because I've been thinking about it too.
  • Because while I love YHL, Bower Power, and Pioneer Woman, the Palindromes are just not in that place yet.  Maybe you're not in the washing cow manure out of jeans or the sewing crib skirts phases either.  For you DINKs and SINKWAGS (Single Income, No Kids, with a Grad Student), our first year of marriage is fodder enough for a blog!
  • Because we're not in our "forever home" and this is a house renovation guide for those who are fixing for resale values instead of heart strings.  Also, we're not that handy.  We have to watch This Old House and we go about it like a college course.  We research and hem and haw; and over intellectualize; and philosophize; and sometimes with a house, you just need to take a hammer to it.  Sometimes when you take a hammer to it though, it backfires and you have to call in the professionals. So we'll show you the real life fails and when we knew we needed to call in the professionals.
  • Because I'm interested in exploring what it means to be a wife in the 21st century.  Cooking?  I like it.  Ironing? Give it to Mr. Palindrome. Yardwork? Teamwork.  I want to figure out what it means to be a reformed theologian, an egalitarian, and a feminist. 
 Farewell cake toppers, veils, and boutonnieres! Hello husband, whisk, and hammer!

Self-Portrait on My Porch